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Contacting Workbooks Support

At Workbooks we pride ourselves on the quality of our support and work hard to help in resolving any issues as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our support desk is open Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) from 09:00 to 17:30 (UK time).

Your options for obtaining support depend on the Edition of Workbooks you are using, as described below.

Paid-for Editions of Workbooks Business or CRM Licences

Who can contact the Support Team directly?

For data protection reasons, the Support Team are only able to address issues logged by an Authorised Support Contact. If you are not such a contact, please direct your query to the right person/people within your organisation, who can then raise the issue with our team on your behalf.

All customers using a paid-for edition of Workbooks, such as Workbooks Business or Workbooks CRM licences, are entitled to nominate two Authorised Support Contacts for the first 50 licensed users on their account, plus one additional Support Contact for every 50 users after that.

We recommend that any Authorised Support Contacts have a good understanding of your implementation, coupled with System Administrator capabilities, so that they are able to make any required changes within your database to assist with the resolution of issues.

Customer Support Portal

Authorised Support Contacts should register to use our online Customer Support Portal using the link in the automated registration email they receive. Please contact Support if you require this email to be resent. Having registered, they can log cases via our Customer Support Portal. The benefits of using the Portal include:

  • allowing you to view correspondence for all Cases raised by your organisation, including those that other Authorised Support Contacts have raised. This can be helpful in providing you with information on previously resolved Cases which you can use to resolve similar issues.
  • it is accessible anywhere on the web as long as you have registered and are a current Authorised Support Contact.
  • email notifications keep you up-to-date with the current progress right through to resolution.

You can find the Customer Support Portal by navigating to:  Remember, you will only be able to login if you are an Authorised Support Contact for your organisation and you've received a registration email and have activated the link it contains.

Using the portal is our recommended way of logging cases with the Support Team. To find out more about how to use the Portal, please watch the video available to the right of the Case icon above.

Raise a Case via our website

If you are currently an Authorised Support Contact for an organisation subscribed to a paid-for edition of Workbooks you can create a new support Case using the form here, remembering to include as much information as possible.

Call us or send an email

Authorised Support Contacts can email or call us on one of the numbers below:

  • UK: +44 (0) 118 3030 101
  • US:  +1 860 438 6647

Unauthorised contacts will have to wait until authorisation has been given before the Support Team can handle the request.

Trial Edition of Workbooks

If you are using the 30-day trial of Workbooks and have a query that you haven't been able to resolve using our Knowledge Base and/or Forum posts, please contact providing as much detail as possible about your enquiry.

Free Edition of Workbooks

Users of our Free Edition have full access to our Knowledge Base and, if necessary, can log queries via our Forum.

All Users

Online Resources

First please take a look at the extensive resources online where you will find the answers to most questions about Workbooks.

  • Check out the articles here in the Knowledge Base.
  • Search for an answer in the Forum: someone else may already have provided a solution to your question.


Workbooks is a big product with a lot of features, and to get the most out of your implementation, you may wish to consider training. Our online Training Videos are a great place to start, or you can contact us to arrange a training course.

Workbooks Advisory service

Our standard support service is not a replacement for having your own System Administrator who is able to configure the system and support your users. If you would like to use the Workbooks Support Team for system administration tasks which would not be covered by the standard support service, please take a look at our Advisory service.