About Workbooks Support

About Workbooks Support

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At Workbooks we pride ourselves on the quality of our support.

Your options for obtaining support depend on the Edition of Workbooks you are using. If you are trialling or have bought Workbooks Business or Workbooks CRM you can contact our support team directly. All customers can use our community support forums.

Online Resources

First please take a look at the extensive resources online where you will find the answers to most questions about Workbooks.

  • Check out the articles here in the Knowledge Base.
  • Search for an answer in the Forum: someone else may already have provided a solution to your question.


Workbooks is a big product with a lot of features: do you need training? Our online Training Videos are a great place to start, or you can contact us to arrange a training course.

Raising a Case with Workbooks Support

If you are the Workbooks support contact at an organisation subscribed to a paid-for edition of Workbooks (Workbooks CRM Edition or Workbooks Business Edition) you can contact our support team directly. Please use the form here if you want to create a new support case, including as much information as possible. If you need to telephone our support team, we can be reached at +44 (0) 118 3030 101.

Workbooks Adminstrator Service

Our standard support service is not a replacement for having your own system administrator who is able to configure the system and support your users. If you would like to use the Workbooks support team for system administration tasks which would not be covered by the standard support service please take a look at the Administrator Service.