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Creating Compliance Records

Note: You’ll need to ensure that you have enabled the Compliance Module prior to attempting to create them via any of the below methods. 

There are several ways to create compliance records:

  • Manually:  Inside a Person or a Lead record, if the Record is not GDPR Compliant, you can click on the Create Compliance Record button.

    pasted image 0 (5).png

  • Bulk Action:  You can create Compliance records in bulk, using the Bulk Action option on the People or Leads Landing Pages.

    pasted image 0 (6).png

  • Import:  You can import Compliance records using the import tool. This can be done by either creating a Compliance Import, or by creating a Person or Lead Import and extending your import to Compliance Records.
  • Web2Lead:  The Web2Lead features of Workbooks have been extended to support the creation of Compliance records. Once the Compliance Module is enabled, you can regenerate your Web2Lead form, which will now contain the fields required for Compliance records. When adding this new form to your website, you can apply default values to the new fields and then hide them from the form, so that each time the form is submitted, these fields are set consistently.
  • Automation:  You can build a script that automatically creates Compliance records. For example, you might automatically create a Compliance record for all People in your database that have an active Customer Relationship with your Own Organisation.
  • API & Web Processes:  You can create Compliance records using the API or by building Web Processes, which can be called from a web form or JavaScript.