Introduction to Cases

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Workbooks enables you to log customer support Cases, giving priority to urgent Cases and tracking the progress of all Cases, so that you can manage the support team's time effectively and highlight any customer service or support issues.  Web2Case, support Cases logged on your website will automatically appear in Workbooks.

In Cases, you can:

  • Assign Cases to Queues;
  • Associate People and Organisations and define their relationship with the Case;
  • Lookup customer Contracts to check eligibility for support;
  • Record emails against a Case;
  • Use Email Templates to respond quickly to common questions and update customers about Case progress;
  • Store Notes and Activities;
  • View Case history in the Summary tab;
  • Link other Related Items such as Orders, Invoices or Opportunities;
  • Watch Cases that aren't assigned to you, so you can view how a Case is progressing;
  • Classify the Case resolution type in the Resolution Information section. You can then run Reports by Resolution Status to build up your understanding of your customers' problems;
  • Allow customers to raise a Case from your Website using Web2Case.