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Exporting Data

Workbooks enables you to export data from Workbooks grids in a format that's compatible with Microsoft® Excel™ or in CSV format.

In order to perform an export, you must have been granted the appropriate Export Capability, which is different for every record within Workbooks. In total, there are 21 different Export Capabilities, one for each specific area within Workbooks.

To export a grid, simply click on the Export button export_button and choose either CSV or Excel. The export will include all the columns and rows you've activated in the view.

If you choose to export to Excel, Workbooks will generate an XML Spreadsheet. Microsoft introduced this format in Excel 2002 and all modern versions of Excel can read it.

NOTE: If your export includes columns that are displayed as currencies, the export will include 2 extra columns for each currency column; one contains the amount as a value, i.e without a currency symbol and without any thousand separators; the other contains the currency code, rather than a symbol.  These columns will be appended to the right of the columns you've chosen to export, as shown in the screenshot below.

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