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GatorMail Integration

Workbooks combines CRM and email marketing in one solution. Part of the Workbooks suite, Workbooks GatorMail is an advanced email marketing tool enabling you to easily and efficiently send targeted marketing messages via email to any mailing list.

  • Deliver personalised messaging: Segment your contacts based on their needs and interests, and easily target them with personalised and highly relevant messages that are going to close the deal.
  • Nurture quality leads: Know who is a cold lead, who is a hot prospect and drive nurturing programmes accordingly. Drip compelling content to leads over time to turn a stagnant database into a sales generator. Set up a series of automated lead nurturing emails that get sent to prospects who might not be ready to buy just yet, keeping your brand top of mind. Set dynamic triggers and workflows to ensure no contact is left untouched.
  • Gain greater insight: Drive your contacts to take action with an email message, and learn more about them as they respond and head to your website. If you have a web analytics tool such as Web Insights (part of the Workbooks suite too), you can track their behaviour as they browse your website. With fresh insight at your fingertips, you can engage with them in the most meaningful way.
  • Sales and Marketing working together for success: Sales can see what emails a contact has received or engaged with. At the same time, your marketing team can easily determine which contacts need to be nurtured, and which ones are already in the sales process. Both teams have visibility and insight and can operate in unison, for optimal impact.