Workbooks Mobile Client

Workbooks Mobile Client

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The Workbooks Mobile Client is a user interface to Workbooks designed for touch-sensitive smartphones such as the Apple iPhone, Android and modern BlackBerry mobile phones. It runs in the Web Browser and requires an Internet connection to work. To access it just visit the Workbooks login page as normal; if you are on a suitable mobile device you will automatically be redirected to the Mobile Client app, otherwise you can use this address:

Supported Devices

Currently the Client supports the default web browser on the following devices; further devices will be supported in due course:

  • Apple iPhone and iPad running iOS 4 and later.
  • Android devices 2.3.3 and later.
  • BlackBerry with touchscreens running OS6 and later.

In addition, Google's Chrome browser also works where it is available (Android and iOS).

Supported Devices and Operating Systems