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Introduction to the Adobe Sign Integration


It is possible to integrate Workbooks with Adobe Sign (formerly known as Adobe EchoSign or Adobe eSign), allowing you to send PDFs to the relevant people to get them signed electronically. The signed documents will then automatically get stored in Workbooks.

These documents can be sent from Cases, Opportunities or any Posted Transaction Type. Activities will automatically be created that track the status of the document, and then will store the file once it has been signed.

You must contact Adobe to ensure that you purchase the correct number of licences, as this will depend upon how many documents you will need to send. You will also need to make sure that you are purchasing Enterprise licences, as these are the only licences with the API capability required for this integration.

It is possible to set up your PDFs so that the signature block is automatically added to your PDF, and you do not have to draw it on within Adobe Sign every time you send a document. It is also possible to add in additional data fields to be filled in by the customer, which would then be mapped to fields in Workbooks. This would require Consultancy time; please contact Support if you are interested.

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You will need to install a plugin, which makes setting up the Adobe Sign Integration easier. This page walks you through how to do this.