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To help you configure Workbooks to meet your business needs and record the data that will help to drive your business processes, you can:

  • Change the names of record types, Picklist values and fields
  • Add Custom Fields to any record type
  • Create customised Page Layouts and determine different layouts for different Users
  • Create templates for all record types, which allows you to create new records that contain fields which are pre-populated with data, dependent upon the template selected
  • Replicate custom data on one record by creating the same Custom Field on each record type (eg, a Sales Lead and Person record or an Invoice and a Contract)
  • Create new, customised Picklists
  • Modify existing Picklists
  • Control the visibility of records by attributing their value to an associated Open or Closed state
  • Customise Workbooks standard Opportunity Stages to support your sales process

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