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Logging In

NOTE: Your login session expires after 8 hours of inactivity.


Logging out of Workbooks may not log you out of Google. If you're using a public computer be sure to log out of Google as well to ensure that other users cannot access your documents.


Workbooks is available on recent versions of market-leading web browsers. If the browser you are using is not supported, you will get a message telling you so when you log in, with a list of the available browsers and the versions that are supported.


As long as you have a user account and access to the Internet you can login to Workbooks. There are a couple of options for logging in - you can login using your email address and a password or using your Google credentials.

Logging in using your email address and Workbooks password

Navigate to either:, or go to the homepage of our website and click on Customer Login.

Both options will open a login screen as shown below:

Enter your email address and password and click Login, which will open the Workbooks User Interface.

You can change your password at any time (within Start > Preferences).  Remember though that it must conform to the password policy applied by your System Administrator (which controls how many characters are required, whether they're upper or lower case and so on).  Also, you cannot reuse a previous password.

Logging in using Google Apps

Navigate to either:, or go to the homepage of our website and click on Customer Login.

To login using your Google Apps credentials, click 'Use your Google account' to the right of the login screen. This will generate a screen prompting you to enter your Domain name (which is usually your company's web address without the 'www').  Then click Login, which will generate a screen asking if you want to allow access or not.

Alternatively, within Google Apps you can select the 'more' menu and choose Workbooks.

If you haven't used this Google Apps account to login to Workbooks before you'll be prompted for your email address and Workbooks password.  Once you've entered those your Google Apps ID is associated with your login and you won't need to enter your email address and password the next time you use Google Apps to login.

NOTE: If you have more than one Google account configured on the browser that is also being used for Workbooks, you can choose which account you wish to link to. If you select the wrong account, click "Multiple accounts? Use a different account" from the login screen to change the Google account that is linked.

 If you are having trouble finding out which Google Account is linked to your User please refer to this Forum post.

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Workbooks is only supported on recent versions of market-leading web browsers