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Creating Mailing Lists


To send personalised emails use Mail Shots instead.

To create a Mailing List click Start > Marketing > Mailing List to open the Mailing Lists Landing Page, then click New Mailing List.  
Enter a Name and Description for your Mailing List so it's easy to find another time.  

Add the Mailing List recipients by opening the Recipients tab, clicking Add Recipients and choosing from the options displayed:

  • Add People
    Search for the Person you want to add, tick the box next to their name and click Add.
  • Add Organisations
    Search for the Organisation you want to add, tick the box next to its name and click Add.
  • Add Leads
    Search for the Lead you want to add, tick the box next to its name and click Add.
  • Add recipients selected from a Report
    Use the dropdown picklist to select the appropriate Report.  (Only reports based on People, Organisations and Leads will be shown in the picklist.)  You also need to select the column from the report to identify the recipients - typically this will be the Person, Organisation or Lead name. Whilst Workbooks will not send a Mailshot to any records that have the 'No Email' checkbox ticked you might want to consider only using reports where the data has been filtered to exclude these records.
  • Add recipients from a Mailing List
    You can use an existing Mailing List to populate a new list by using the dropdown picklist.  If you want the new Mailing  List to 'inherit' the subscription status of each recipient from the original list leave the checkbox next to Copy subscription status checked.
  • Add recipients from a Marketing Campaign
    Use the dropdown picklist to select the appropriate Campaign.  

Click Save & Close.  You now have a Mailing List that is available to be reused as many times as you like.

NOTE:  If a Mailing List recipient wants to be unsubscribed from a specific list, you can update their subscription status on the Recipients tab by clicking on Subscribed on the appropriate row and changing the status to Unsubscribed.  (You may need to activate the column called Subscription Status first.)  Similarly, if the 'No Email' checkbox on a Person, Organisation or Lead record is checked, you'll see a tick in the Opted out of email column on the Recipients tab. (Again, you may need to activate this column first.)

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