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A Quotation is a document that provides you and your prospective customer with details of the goods and/or services they would like to order, including quantities, prices and terms.

Quotations are part of a range of financial documents that can be produced within Workbooks, which are known as Transaction Documents.

Quotations are generated within Workbooks and can be converted to a PDF document, which can then be printed or emailed to your prospective customer.


Whilst a Quotation is in a Draft state, each time the Quotation is saved the analysis values are recalculated.

If a Pricing Scheme is changed or the tax or Exchange Rates are altered, the document will update to reflect the latest position.

When adding Line Items to a Quotation you can use the dropdown picklist to select Products from your product book. If the Product(s) you choose have been completed in full within your Product Book, the rest of the Line Item will be populated for you, although these details can be overwritten, if required.

Quotations may also be created without a Product Book by simply filling in the fields within the Line Items.

An analysis table, displaying total document values in both home and document currency, as well as the exchange rate applied, is available by exposing the Analysis Reveal above the Line Item grid.

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