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Create a new JIRA ticket when a Case is created in Workbooks

What is JIRA?

Jira is a ticketing system mainly used by Software Development Teams to keep track of customer issues, bugs, development workflows and releases.

What does this Zap do?

This Zap will automatically create a new Issue in Jira when a new Case is raised in Workbooks. You may want to apply filters to your Zap so that only Cases of a specific Type will be copied across to Jira.

Setting up the Zap

A Zap Template called 'Create new JIRA Issues when Cases are created in Workbooks' can be used to speed up the process of setting this up. You will be taken through the Zap wizard as normal but it selects the correct Trigger and Action for you. 

When you get through to the Jira Issue Template, you will at first only see 2 fields to map:


Once you have selected both of these fields, you will then be presented with the rest of the fields that are available on an Issue, including the custom fields you have set up:


You will need to map all fields that are marked as required, and may need to 'Add a Search Step' to complete fields like 'Reporter'. 

After setting up the field mappings, you will be prompted to test the Zap to ensure it is working as expected.

Restricting which Cases create a JIRA ticket

If you would like to only create JIRA tickets from certain Cases, for example if a field has a particular value, then you should add a Filter Step. This can be added by using the '+' icon to the left of the screen:


You will need to select the field in Workbooks, and then what condition should be applied, for example the field 'Raise JIRA ticket' is true. This means that it would only continue to create the JIRA Issue if the criteria were met.