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Introduction to Email Dropbox


Dropbox enables you to control which emails are stored within Workbooks and which records they're related to.

If you have emails that were either created outside of Workbooks (in Outlook or Google Mail for example) or you've received an email in your Inbox that you want to store against the relevant record(s) in Workbooks, then you can use the Dropbox functionality.

Put simply, the Dropbox is a special email address, and will be different for each Workbooks user.  When emails (up to 16MB each) are received by that address, Workbooks searches the database to find the right record(s) to store the email against. 

You can store the same email against many different records within Workbooks (up to a maximum of 500 per email).  For example, you might want to store one email against not only a Person but also against a Case that the Person has raised.  This can be achieved easily by including Object References in the emails you forward to your Dropbox.

NOTE:  As an alternative to using the Dropbox, you might want to use the Workbooks Outlook Connector to get your emails into Workbooks. Click here to find out more about how the two compare.

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