Integrating MailChimp and Workbooks

Workbooks can be integrated with MailChimp, which is a cloud-based Email Marketing and List Management application. Records can be synchronised between Workbooks and MailChimp automatically which enables you to report on how many emails were delivered, how many people opened your email, how many clicked through, the number of bounced emails, how many people unsubscribed, and so on. The synchronisation is controlled by an automated process using a script to push the Workbooks Campaign members into MailChimp and another script to update the Campaign in Workbooks with information from MailChimp.

Using Workbooks you can create Marketing Campaigns to identify your target audience. Once you have specified the members of your Campaign you can synchronise the Campaign(s) with MailChimp.

Within MailChimp you have the ability to create plain HTML emails, your own designed templates or you can use existing templates. Once you've done this you can use MailChimp to deliver the emails. However, the integration doesn't stop there; after sending your emails it's possible to synchronise the resulting information back into Workbooks, giving you access to all your marketing information in one centralised location.

You can control which of your Marketing Campaigns are synchronised with MailChimp and by default the process runs every hour in the background, although you can force a synchronisation manually if required.

When the two systems are synchronised:

  • updates to Leads and People in Workbooks are sent to your MailChimp List;
  • unsubscribes from MailChimp are reflected in Workbooks (showing as email opt outs).

The next page takes you through the steps required to connect Workbooks and MailChimp, how to create a Workbooks Campaign, push the members across into MailChimp and send your Campaigns into MailChimp. The guide also details how to push the resulting information from MailChimp back into Workbooks and view the results.

Before starting please ensure you meet the following prerequisites:

  • You have the Capability to access the Configuration Landing Page;
  • You know your login details for MailChimp;
  • You've created an empty list in MailChimp specifically for use in Workbooks;
  • The Mail Shots third party integration module has been switched on. (Start > Configuration > Users & Security > Licences & Modules > Modules and check there's a tick in the checkbox next to Mail Shots third party integration.)