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Workbooks includes the functionality to set up Mailshots, which enable you to send personalised emails in bulk. Emails sent this way are linked to the Person or Lead record so you can easily see the history of the communication with your sales prospects.

An easy-to-use Wizard guides you through the Mailshot process, prompting you to link the Mailshot to a Marketing Campaign.  This enables you to see the information within the Marketing Campaign such data about the number of emails sent, the number of members who have unsubscribed and so on.

Mailshots are based on a Template. The Template can include placeholders which are then populated with values from the recipients' Workbooks records, or from the related Marketing Campaign, thus allowing you to send professional communications.  The Templates can be set up to include attachments if required.

You can specify the 'from' and 'reply-to' email addresses to use for the Mailshot thus allowing better management of the email marketing process and you can opt to send the Mailshot straight away or schedule it to be sent at a specified date and time.

NOTE: If you've checked the box next to 'No Email' on a Person or Lead record that record will be removed from any future Mailshots (although you can still send them a single email).

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