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Displaying & Adding Transaction Documents

Displaying Transactions

Clicking following the path Start > Finance you will have access to each of the Customer Transactions Landing Pages.


Opportunities, Quotations and Customer Orders can also be viewed by navigating to the Landing Page for that object type (eg, Start > Sales > Opportunities or Quotations or Customer Orders).

The different Customer Transactions Landing Pages you can select from are:

  • Customer Quotations - all the Quotations on your database.
  • Customer Orders - all the Customer Orders on your database.
  • Customer Invoices - all the Invoices on your database.
  • Customer Contracts - all the Contracts on your database.
  • Customer Credit Notes - all the Credit Notes on your database.
  • Supplier Orders - all the Supplier Orders on your database.

You can customise the appearance of this (and any other) Landing Page including grouping, filtering and saving views.  For more information on customising views click here.

To open any of the records displayed in the views above, hover over the row until it becomes underlined and click on it.

Adding Transactions

To create a Customer Transaction within Workbooks either:

  • Click Start > Finance > Customer Transactions and choose New Quotation/Order/Invoice/Credit Note from the Actions options on the left-hand side; or:
  • Navigate to the appropriate Landing Page and choose New Quotation or New Order; or:
  • Open an existing Customer Transaction document and use the Copy Document function to generate a new record.
  • Follow the path Start > New  and select the document type you wish to create.

NOTE: You can open the customer record for the transaction by clicking on the icon at the top of the header or next to the customer name. Similarly, if the transaction is based on an existing Opportunity, you can open that record by clicking on the icon next to the Opportunity name. You can see which Opportunity the document was created from by viewing the 'created from document' and 'created from reference' columns on the Landing Pages.

See the page on Transaction Documents Fields Help to learn more about completing the upper section of a Transaction Document and the page on Transaction Documents Line Items Help to learn more about populating the Line Items grid.

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