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Printing & Sending Transaction Documents

Transaction Documents can be printed irrespective of whether they are in a DRAFT or a POSTED state. Printing whilst in a DRAFT state can be useful when checking the content or as part of an approval process. Transaction Documents can be printed and mailed or can be sent via email (as a PDF attachment) from within Workbooks. The email will be stored in the Related Items tab of the Transaction Document.

Click Generate PDF to see a PDF version of your document. If your database has been set up with more than one possible PDF template you'll be given a choice of which one to generate. You can print the resulting PDF or choose to save a copy on your network.

Clicking Send Email generates a menu allowing you generate an email that has a copy of the PDF document attached to it automatically. This is the first option shown in the screenshot below, i.e, Attaching "Quote_Document". The resulting email will be blank but will have a copy of the PDF attached to it.

NOTE:  Once the blank email has been generated you can then apply a template by clicking Apply Template and choosing the appropriate template option.

emailing trans. documents

Alternatively, you can choose any of the other options you see (and these options will depend on how many - if any - templates have been created for the type of transaction record you're working on), which will open an email but the PDF document will not be attached.

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