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Using UTM Values

UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module which are tracking modules that use Google Analytics to track how your Google Ad campaigns are performing. They allow you to track the source, medium, campaign name and content and the search term used. Tracking this information is very useful as it will allow you to keep on top of what campaigns are working for you, as well as which mediums, and enabling you to identify where your leads are coming from.

CommuniGator have some useful guides to support how to use these and where/when you should be using them. These are summarised below:

What UTMs are and how can you use them

This blog illustrates what Google UTM values are and how you can use them. The blog contains explanations of what the UTM values are, what a URL with UTM’s looks like and what you can effectively use them for.

Why you should be using UTMs

This blog summarises the main reasons why you should be using UTM values and the 4 best practices of when to use them. These include using them for inbound marketing campaigns, shortening links for easy click throughs, using a marketing suite and monitoring your results.

9 places you should be using UTMs

This blog contains a summary of UTM’s and what they are, why you should use them and the 9 ways you should be using UTM values. This includes using them on social media, email marketing campaigns, PPC adverts, PR Posts, back links etc.

How to use UTM values in your adword campaigns

This guide highlights three methods you can use to make sure you are gaining more insights and metrics into incoming traffic from your PPC campaigns with UTM values.