Customer Orders

Customer Orders


Orders can be linked to Opportunities and Marketing Campaigns to track where your Order originated.

A Customer Order is a document that allows you to track orders you’ve received. It can be used for:

  • Tracking new orders each month;
  • Creating order acknowledgements to send to your customers;
  • Tracking order fulfilment.

Customer Orders are part of a range of financial documents that can be produced within Workbooks, which are known as Transaction Documents.

A Customer Order is comprised of fields to record order information and Line Items to represent the items you've sold. Line Items can be typed directly into the grid or selected from your Product Book. Orders are given a status of either DRAFT or POSTED. For more information on Transaction Document Statuses, click here.

If you have a SageLink licence you can synchronise OrdersCredit Notes and Invoice information directly with Sage Line 50 and Sage Line 200.