Managing Transaction Document Statuses

Managing Transaction Document Statuses


Double-check your Transaction Document is correct before clicking Save & Complete as this changes the Status from DRAFT to POSTED.

Transaction Documents in Workbooks (ie, Quotations, Orders, Invoices, Credit Notes and Supplier Orders) are given a status of either DRAFT or POSTED.

Whilst a document is in a DRAFT state, it can be changed or deleted. In addition, any Line Item calculated values will be recalculated each time it is saved; ensuring the analysis reveal in the DRAFT document reflects the right margins. 

NOTE: When a Transaction Document status changes from DRAFT to POSTED any standard fields become un-editable. However, Users with the appropriate Capability are able to edit standard fields on Quotations and Customer Orders (but not on Invoices or Credit Notes) after these documents have been POSTED. In addition, those Users who've been granted the Capability to edit Custom Fields can amend any Custom Fields on a Transaction Document after it has been POSTED.

A document is moved from the state of DRAFT to POSTED using the Save & Complete button at the top of the page.

NOTEPOSTED Transaction Documents CANNOT be deleted, even by your System Administrator. This is to retain the audit trail for your transactions.  Do NOT change the status to POSTED unless you're sure that you want to keep the record.