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Supply Scheme


Workbooks does not allow you to delete a Supply Scheme once it has been used in a Transaction Document.

A Supply Scheme enables you to set a range of standard costs for a Product from a specific supplier. The ability to set multiple costs for a Product allows you to:

  • Create special prices.
  • Identify Product brands from different suppliers (without creating separate Product records).
  • Apply different costs to specific volumes of goods/services.

A Supply Scheme consists of a scheme name, supplier reference code, description, supplier name and also provides fields for cost and tax codes. In addition, a scheme can have a defined start and end date.

The ability to set multiple costs for a Product allows you to create special costs, identify brands different from suppliers without the need for separate Product records. Supply schemes are available and selectable within both customer and supplier transactions.

To add a Supply Scheme to a Product, open the Product record and with the Supply Schemes tab open, click on Add Supply Scheme.

The only compulsory fields are Name and Supplier. The name should be for the scheme not for the Product and this will be selectable on a transaction document line item. Choose a supplier using the dropdown picklist. Your choices will be limited to those Organisations which have been designated as being a supplier to any Own Organisation on your database.

NOTE: The description field is used to describe the Supply Scheme itself NOT the Product as the Product Description has already been entered in the top half of the record.

Complete the other fields as appropriate and when finished click Save or Save & Close.

NOTE: Only users with a Workbooks Business licence have access to Supply Schemes.

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