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Sending Bulk Email


Mailing Lists always appear at the end of your list of recipients and the name is always followed by '(mailing list)'.

You can use the Mailing List functionality to send the same email to all the people on that list. (If you want to send personalised emails use the Mailshot functionality.)

To send the same email to everyone on a Mailing List, click Start > New > Email > Add a recipient. Change the To setting to bcc, then click under Recipient - Person, Mailing List or email address and start to type the name of your mailing list. When the right list appears click on it to select it. If you want to send the same email to other recipients or another Mailing List, click Add a recipient.

Complete your email in the normal way, including uploading any attachments and when complete, click Send or Save as Draft to return and complete it later.

If you send emails via the Workbooks email server, the maximum number of people you can mail at one time is limited to 500 (to avoid "spam" issues). If you try to mail to more than 500 people at a time you'll receive an error message and the email will not be sent. If your System Administrator has configured Workbooks to send emails via your SMTP server the maximum number that can be emailed at one time is 5,000.

NOTE:  If you've checked the box next to No Email on a Person or Lead record will prohibit the sending of emails to those recipients via Mailing Lists.

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