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Get into the habit of using Queues to assign records to groups of users and to help manage your workflow.

Queues are a concept in Workbooks which enable you to assign records to a specific group or function and allow you to notify the relevant people involved. You could say a Queue is similar to a department 'Inbox'.

Queue Types

Queues are 'record type' specific. You can create Queues for the following types of records:

  • People
  • Organisations
  • Activities
  • Cases
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Quotations
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes
  • Contracts
  • Supplier Orders

By default, one Queue is defined for each record type which is the 'Unassigned' Queue. Records can only be assigned to a Queue for that record type, for example, Leads can only be assigned to Lead Queues.

To create a new Queue open the Landing Page of the record type for which you want to create a Queue and click Manage Queues in the left-hand menu. You can then create a new Queue using the button at the top of the grid or edit an existing Queue by clicking on its name in the grid.

Manage Queues

Assigning Users to Queues

Users can be subscribed to Queues and, by default, they are notified when a record is added to that Queue. You can assign a user to a Queue from the Manage Queues menu. Open the desired Queue > click Subscribe Users. From here, you can filter on your users and select them to add people in bulk.

Subscribe Users

Select Users

Users are notified as defined by their notification preference settings, either email and/or pop-up alert. More information on setting up your Notification and Reminders can be found, here. A user can then modify their individual preferences for the Queue by clicking My Queues and clicking on the pencil icon:

My queues

From here, a user can decide whether they would like to be notified when records are added to the queue, when records are removed from the queue, or both.

Changing Permissions for Queue Assignment

When a record is assigned to a Queue, Workbooks can be configured to apply a different ruleset to the one that is applied if you were assigning the record to another user or group. You should configure a new Ruleset for this purpose. Then on the Queue configuration, tick the 'On Assignment' checkbox and select the new policy from the picklist:

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