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User Groups


Start > Configuration. Click the + symbol next to Users & Security, then click User Groups.

The ability to carry out certain tasks and access specific areas of Workbooks is controlled by the Capabilities granted to a user. If a user doesn't have the Capability to see certain menus or objects they just don't appear. Rather than having a long list of Capabilities for each user, Workbooks arranges them together into User Groups, based on typical roles within small to medium-sized enterprises.

You can add new groups or amend the Capabilities granted to a group depending on your Organisation's needs. You can also delete any groups that are not appropriate to your Organisation (except the Everyone and the System Administration groups, which are mandatory groups within Workbooks).

You can restrict the IP addresses from which members of a group can login to Workbooks if you want to control which locations your Users can login from.

NOTE: When a new user is created they are automatically made members of the Everyone group and it is not possible to remove them from this group.

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