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Viewing Web Insights Data on your Form Layouts

We mention that during the Web Insights plugin setup, it will create the custom fields for you. By default, you will not see these fields on any of your form layouts, so you will need to amend them to include them. You do not need to use all of these fields, but we do recommend that you do so, and that you group them together in a single section to make the data easier to access.

Below is an example of how you might want to display the fields on the relevant form layouts for each record type.


You can find further information about amending Form Layouts in our Knowledge Base. The above example is made up of:

  • 1 x one-column section - This should have a Title & Border, and be given a title of Web Insights


  • 1 x two-column section - call this something that identifies what it is, but this doesn’t need a Title & Border


You should then move the relevant Web Insights fields within the two-column section, and the Description field to appear after those fields, within the one-column section.


Online Tab

You can view all Online Activities for the Sales Lead, Person or Organisation that you are viewing by enabling the Online tab. This enables you to see where else they went on your website and how they got there - this may provide you some insight into what they are interested in. 


You can enable the Online tab by going to Start > Configuration > Customisation > Record Types - you will need to select the Form Layout that you would like to see the Online tab on, and enable the Online tab within here.