Project Description

Mailchimp integration

MailChimp is a popular online marketing solution that enables you to create and send eye-catching emails, and the track the results.

The Workbooks integration with MailChimp enables you to automatically synchronize contact lists and records between your Workbooks CRM system and MailChimp, thus empowering you to effectively target your Workbooks contacts using MailChimp’s powerful email marketing tools.

You can use the Workbooks campaign management tools to create a campaign and sort and segment your data, and then push this information into MailChimp at the click of a button. Once your email has been sent from within MailChimp, all the key MailChimp activities, including e-mail opens, click-throughs and bounces, are pushed back into Workbooks, against the relevant lead, person or marketing campaign records in Workbooks, giving you access to all the data you need to track the success of your email marketing efforts and to gain a true measure of the ROI that the campaign generated.

The connector also synchronizes the records between the two systems, so if a contact unsubscribes in one, there is an automatic update in the other system to reflect this.