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Dashboards give you real-time, holistic visibility of your business; they show you selected reports in an easy to reach and digest layout.

A Dashboard can display a number of Dashboard Items. A Dashboard Item is a view of a Report or Chart which provides a snapshot of the contents. Dashboard items can only be created once a Report has been produced, and can be displayed either graphically as a chart, or as a synopsis of the Report. Dashboards may be used for territory reviews, management reporting, or tracking the health of the business.

Dashboard items can only include Reports that the Dashboard creator has access to. By default, Dashboards are created as private, but can be shared with other Workbooks users by changing the Sharing Permissions, if required. 

You can pin your most used Dashboard to your Desktop so that it opens automatically when you login, and create a default view that appears when you open the Landing Page. By 'refreshing' it, you can also ensure that the Dashboard is as up-to-date as it can be.

​​​​NOTE: If you base a Dashboard on a report with a custom field which no longer exists, you won't be able to properly view the Dashboard until the offending column is deleted from the report.

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