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Using Contracts with Cases


Customise your view of the Contracts Line Items grid in a Case so as to see easily the Start and End Dates and Status of individual Line Items.

Contracts can be used in conjunction with Cases making it easy to check that a Contract is valid, i.e., has a status of Active and thus is eligible for Customer Support.  If a Support Case is relevant to one or more specific Line Items this can be recorded and reported on.

A Contract and one or more of its Line Items can be associated with many Cases and a Case can be associated with one or more Line Items on a specific Contract but can only be associated with one Contract.

Associating a Contract with a Case

You can associate a Contract with a Case by:

  • Opening the Cases tab on the relevant Contract record and clicking New Case; or
  • Opening a Case record and using the Contract Name dropdown picklist or the lookup button (within the Customer Contract reveal) to choose the relevant Contract.  NOTE:  The picklist or lookup will not include any Contracts that have a status of Closed.  If you entered a Primary Contact for the Case, the picklist will be limited to only those Contracts for that Primary Contact's employing Organisation.

NOTE:  If you've created a 'searchable' custom field for Contract Line Items to record information such as a serial number, licence number, etc, you can find the relevant Contract easily by typing that number into the Search box.

Once you've associated a Contract with a Case, you can see (in read-only mode) the Contract Start and End Dates, its Status, Type and Reference number.  You will also see a grid showing any Line Items on the Contract. 

You can use the checkbox next to the relevant Line Item to associate the Case with one or more specific Line Items.  

NOTE:  Line Items cannot be edited or deleted from within a Case.  If amendments are required they should be made within the Contract.  Amendments can only be made by Users with the relevant Capabilities (i.e., Edit Posted Customer Contracts and/or Edit Posted Customer Contracts Custom fields).

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