Follow-on Activites

Follow-on Activities


Remember to check all the details of the Follow-up Activity are correct as they'll be copied from the original one.

Commonly when working with Activities you'll want to close the Activity you're working on and create a new one that carries through the Description infomation recorded in the original Activity.  Workbooks can do this for you and adds the date and time that the previous Activity was completed so you can easily see the history of when you've made (or tried to make) contact.

To create a Follow-on Activity simply click Actions > Complete and follow-on Activity or Complete and follow-on Meeting.

This will change the Status of your original Activity to Complete (setting the Completed Date to today) and will automatically open a new Activity record.

Workbooks automatically relates the original Activity to the new one and you can hyperlink from one to the other within the Related Items tab.

When you're happy with the details on the new Activity click Save or Save & Close.