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Script Library


Check the Script Library for new scripts as Workbooks publishes them.

The Script Library is an area where Workbooks publish useful Scripts and code snippets for customer use. In particular MailChimp integration is achieved through the provisioning of Scripts from the Library and a flexible 'Email to Case' script is provided.

To access the library click Configuration > Automation > Scripts and Script Library is a tab on the list of Scripts.

Scripts can be run straight from the Script Library, meaning that you will always have the most up to date version of the public script you are using.  If you copy any of these scripts onto your own database, or write your own scripts, the responsibility for maintaining these scripts remains with you.


Below we have included an overview of the Scripts currently available in the Script Library. You can find more detail about the scripts in the Script Library, including how to set them up, in our Forum:

Adobe Sign API Wrapper

Do you want to speed up your order and contract signing process?

This is a set of scripts to integrate Workbooks with Adobe Sign.

This allows you to send PDFs to the relevant people to get them signed electronically, these signed documents are then automatically stored in Workbooks.

NB: You need the install the full set of scripts

Adobe Sign Create Task from Transactions

Adobe Sign Document Listener

Adobe Sign GetUsersInAccount

Adobe Sign SendDocumentFromTask

Plugin Adobe Sign Installer

Apply pricing scheme

This script uses a Report based on Pricing Schemes to create a DLI to populate the Pricing Scheme on Line Items within a Transaction Document.

Box Integration

Do you want to integrate your cloud file storage with Workbooks?

This integration uses iframes within separate tabs on all record types within Workbooks. You will need to create a custom iframe field which invokes this process.

Case Portal

Do you want to enable your customers to raise, view and update Customer Service cases online?

This is a set of scripts which allows you to implement a Case Portal that can be used by your Customer Support Team. This then implements a secure authentication and registration method based on People Records and API Data.

Portal Core

Contact us Form with captcha

Used to create a form on a webpage with captcha code and redirect link to filter out spam on your website.

Workbooks Text Captcha

Creditsafe Integration

Provides access to company financial data via the Creditsafe service. You will need a username and password on that service, which charges for its use.

Email to Case

Integrates with your Email IMAP Server in order to automatically sort and manage incoming emails within an inbox, incredibly useful for Customer Service Teams. See how to set it up here.

HubSpot Integration

This script is needed to set up the Workbooks HubSpot integration the script continues to run ensuring the synchronisation of Contacts and Leads.

Lead Assignment Rules

These Scripts monitor incoming leads matching them against existing People and Organiastion Records, to prevent unwanted lead information from being created.

The Matching & Allocation Script will then distribute these new leads to the appropriate sales team, meaning your sales team only receive relevant lead information.

Lead Matching and Allocation

Linkedin plugin

Allows you to display the LinkedIn profile on a Person or Sales Lead Record.

Plugin Linkedin Installer

Partner Lead Sharing

Uses the web2lead process to copy leads to another database.

Creating a number of Custom Fields that ensures key data is copied between databases.

Workbooks Partner Lead Custom Field Check

Plugin Google Sync Admin Config

These Scripts are required for full integration with Google, we are currently able to integrate with the following Google Products: GMail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts Integration, Google Analytics, Google Docs and Google Apps Authentication.

Plugin Google Sync Clear Down Records

Plugin Google Sync Common

Plugin Google Sync Google API

Plugin Google Sync Installer

Plugin Google Sync Main Sync

Plugin Google Sync User Config

Plugin Google Sync Workbooks Listener

Plugin SLA Management Installer

Installs the Case SLA Script for Case Records with UI configuration, allows for more effective prioritisation of Cases including the setting of business hours and populating target first response and resolution times.

This then Provides KPI Metrics for Cases based on the metrics created by the Plugin SLA Management Installer

SLA Management

Plugin Workbooks Web Insights Installer

This adds the Web Insights integration panel into the configuration area of the database. Allowing you to bring web traffic information into Workbooks for analysis.

Plugin Xero integration via Zapier Installer

This plugin starts the configuration process in order to integrate Xero into Workbooks through Zapier.

The second Script is then needed in order to integrate Workbooks with Xero’s accounting package.

Xero _ Zapier Tax Regimes Include

Update People Addresses

This process runs from an Organisation updating all related People to match their address to that of the Organisation.

_Constant Contact API Classes

Required in order to integrate Workbooks Marketing Campaigns with Constant Contact for managing your email Marketing.

_Constant Contact Bulk Activity Monitor

_Constant Contact Common

_Constant Contact Contacts Sync

_dotmailer Activity Sync



Required in order to integrate Workbooks Marketing Campaigns with Dotmailer for managing your email Marketing.

_dotmailer API Classes

_dotmailer Common

_dotmailer Import Monitor

_dotmailer Members Sync

_dotmailer People Lead Sync

_dotmailer REST Client

_MailChimp api wrapper v1.3


Required in order to integrate Workbooks Marketing Campaigns with MailChimp for managing your email Marketing.

_MailChimp Common

_MailChimp Integration Common

_Sync Mailchimp Campaigns

_Sync to the mailchimp list



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