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Creating Mailing Lists

To create a Mailing List click Start > Marketing > Mailing List to open the Mailing Lists Landing Page, you will need to Name your Mailing List and choose whether you want to allow the Preference Centre.

Preference Centre

If you are using a Mailing List Preference Centre (i.e. not a Marketing Campaign one), ticking this box will mean that the Mailing List appears in the list when a Member clicks on Unsubscribe to a Mailshot which has been sent to them.

You can decide whether you want this list to be based on Active Marketing Campaigns or Mailing Lists by going to Start > Configuration > Database > Database Settings, and ticking the checkbox under Mailshots accordingly.

mailing list 1.png

You can quickly see all Mailing Lists which have the Preference box checked by opening the Mailing Lists Landing Page and selecting the Preference Centre Lists view.

mailing list 2.png

Adding Members to a Mailing List

There are three ways of adding Members to a Mailing List. You can:

  • Create a Dynamic List.
  • Copy a List.
  • Add Members later.

Dynamic List

mailing list 3.png

A Dynamic List is built from a Report, the members are generated on the Reports and are refreshed periodically.

When selecting this option you will be asked to select the Report and View that you would like to pull members from as well as which Column will be used to identify members.

mailing list 4.png

If you are using a Report with multiple Record types, such as People, Organisations or Sales Leads, then you will need to add multiple reports to the Mailing List. You should start by selecting the column from the report that you will use to identify one of the record types and then add the additional member later. Once you have selected your report, click Add Members - depending on the size of the Report it may take a few moments to create the mailing list.

Once created, you will be given the option to Auto Refresh the Members in the Mailing List, meaning that changes made to the Report will also update the Members in the Mailing List.

mailing list 5.png

Copy a List

mailing list 6.png

This option allows you to copy all members from an existing list, you will also have the ability to select a subset of the members if you do not want to include everyone.

Selecting this option asks you to select the Source Mailing List to copy, you can also copy across the subscription status from that Mailing List as well.

mailing list 7.png

Once you have chosen the Mailing list to copy and clicked Select Members, you will be asked to Add Filters to the Mailing List Members, if you want to keep it as it is simply select Copy selected members, otherwise apply the filters, such as Opted out of email is false giving you all of the members that have not previously opted out.

Add Members Later

mailing list 8.png

This will create an empty mailing list immediately, giving you the option to manually add members from Reports, Campaigns, other Mailing Lists or by using Bulk Actions on Landing Pages.

Adding Members from Reports

Once a Mailing List has been created, you can include additional Reports using the Reports tab and selecting Add Report. You will be asked to select the Report, the View and which Column you will be using to identify the members to add.

mailing list 9.png

Once you have added all the Reports you want to use to add Members to this Mailing List, you will be able to see the Name of the Report and when it was last Refreshed on the Reports tab.

mailing list 10.png

You can amend whether the Members should be Refreshed from the Reports, and how frequently on the Main tab.

mailing list 11.png

The default will be for it to refresh daily, however you can have it refresh more or less frequently if required.

In addition to the Auto Refresh, you can also manually Refresh the members by using the Refresh Members button on the Main tab.

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