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Introduction to System Administration

Workbooks has been designed to be easy to run, with minimal need for changes to the Configuration settings once you've gone 'Live' with your implementation but there should always be at least one user who undertakes the role of System Administrator. Users with System Administrator rights can access more areas within Workbooks and can:


Make sure you're not the only System Administrator, just in case you're not available.

Before starting to use Workbooks it's important to take the time to learn about the System Administrator functionality so that you're familiar with all the areas you can control. 

Workbooks provides you with a 5-step Quick Start Wizard to help you get started. If you're the first System Administrator set up for your account, this Wizard will re-appear every time you log in to Workbooks until it has been completed. Similarly, if you create a new database (either an empty database or a copy of one for which the Quick Start Wizard hasn't been completed), you'll see the Wizard. The Wizard guides you through the initial configuration process including:

  • Confirming your Own Organisation's name and address.
  • Choosing your tax regime and currency.
  • Entering your sales tax and company registration numbers.
  • Entering your first accounting periods.


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