Displaying & Adding Cases

Displaying & Adding Cases


Remember to update the Status field as the Case progresses and to complete the resolution information when the Case is closed.

Adding Cases

To create a new Case you can:

  • Click Start > Cases > New Case; or:
  • Click Start > New > Case; or:
  • Open the record for the person who's reported the Case and on the main tab click New > Case.
  • Open the record for the person who's reported the Case, open the Cases tab and click Add Case > New Case.

Alternatively, if you have the Contract module you can:

  • Open the Contract record relating to the goods/services for which support has been requested, open the Cases tab and click New Case.

Cases can be assigned to an individual or to a Queue.  Setting up and using Case Queues is a great way to ensure that Cases are allocated to the relevant people / teams quickly.

You can link to the Primary Contact record using the Person icon next to their name. Cases are automatically linked to the Primary Contact's Person record. In addition, if the Primary Contact is linked to an employer the Case will also be linked to that employing Organisation. If the Primary Contact changes employer using the "Employer Wizard" (see here for more information), the employer field will stay unchanged until you reselect the Primary Contact. This means that the Case will stay related to the Organisation that it was raised by.

Case Fields

When logging a new Case, check you're happy with the default settings for Priority and Status and enter a Summary.

Being as descriptive as possible with all the fields will allow you to find Cases more easily and will increase the relevance of any Reports you run on Cases, so enter a Description and populate as many fields as possible before clicking Save & Close.

Remember, you can use the Assigned to field to help you with the flow of work regarding the Case, including escalating it to a specific user or a Queue.

To relate a Case to a Contract and, if relevant, specific Line Items within that Contract, open the Customer Contract reveal.  Clicking on the dropdown menu next to Contract Name will show a list of Contracts on your database (except those with a status of Closed).  If you entered a Primary Contact for the Case, this list will be reduced to show only those Contracts for that Primary Contact's employing Organisation. You can click on the Contract icon  next to the Contract Name to open that recordIt is possible to adjust the height of the Line Item section using the blue bars above and below the section.

Once you've associated a Contract with a Case you can see (in read-only mode) the Contract Start and End Dates, its Status, Type and Reference number. You will also see a grid showing any Line Items on the Contract

You can use the checkbox next to the relevant Line Item to associate the Case with one or more specific Line Items.  NOTE:  Line Items cannot be edited or deleted from within a Case.  If amendments are required they should be made within the Contract.  Amendments can only be made by Users with the relevant Capabilities (ie, Edit Posted Customer Contracts and/or Edit Posted Customer Contracts Custom fields).

When the Case has been resolved you should enter the details of the resolution within the Resolution Information reveal.

Displaying Cases

Clicking on Start > Cases displays the Cases Landing Page.  The Cases Landing Page displays a choice of views:

  • My Open Cases - a subset of all the Cases showing a list of those open Cases assigned to you or that you're Watching;
  • All Cases - a list of those all the Cases on your database;
  • Open Cases - a list of all the open Cases on your database;
  • Closed Cases - a list of all the Cases on your database that have been closed.

To open any of the records displayed in the views above, hover over the row until it becomes underlined and click on it.

You can customise the appearance of this (and any other) Landing Page including grouping, filtering and saving views.  For more information on customising views click here.