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Editions & Licensing


Remember, the licence you've been allocated will affect the functionality available to you.

Workbooks CRM enables you to:

  • Track all of the People and Organisations you do business with, and record all the contact you have with them.
  • Set up and run Marketing Campaigns.
  • Capture Leads and move them through your sales process to Quotation stage.
  • Record support tickets (Cases) and track through to resolution.

The Business edition extends this functionality allowing you to:

No matter which edition you use, you can create customised Reports, Charts and Dashboards, to give you up-to-date information about all aspects of your business.

Click here to find out more about the different editions and work out which one is right for you.

Extensions are available to enhance your usage of Workbooks:

  • Workbooks Outlook Connector, which allows you to synchronise Outlook contacts, tasks and meetings with Workbooks and to share emails stored in Outlook with Workbooks.
  • Multiple Currencies, which enables you to record Opportunities, Orders, Invoices and other transaction documents in different currencies and convert them all to your Home Currency for reporting purposes.
  • Multiple Own Organisations, so you can set up more than one entity to reflect how your run  your business.
  • Advanced Security, which allows you to set up complex sharing rules that are automatically applied to new records as they're created.
  • Sagelink, which allows you to synchronise Order and/or Invoice information from Workbooks directly with Sage Line 50.
  • Contract Management, which allows you to track Contracts and Cases for your Customers.

Your System Administrator can control which users have access to which licences and extensions as long as the total numbers allocated remain within your contractual entitlement.

If you can see information in the Knowledge Base about Workbooks features that you don't have, you might need to upgrade your licence.

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