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Multi-line Value Tags

The table below shows the tags available to enable you to format multi-line values for your PDF Templates.  All tags must be matched with closing tags, for example, if you enter:

<b>Terms and Conditions.</b>

It will be displayed on your PDF as Terms and Conditions.


<red>Very Important.</red>

will be displayed as Very Important.

Tag Effect
<h1>  <h2>  <h3>  <h4>  <h5>  <h6> Headings, decreasing in size
<box> A text box
<center> Centre-aligned text
<left> Left-aligned text
<right> Right-aligned text
<pre> Pre-formatted text, spaces to be preserved
<b>  or  <bold> Bold text
<i>  or  <italic> Italic text
<small> Small text
<strike> Struck-through text
<sub> Subscript
<super> Superscript
<u>  or  <underline> Underscored
Plus colours:
<aqua> Aqua
<black> Black
<blue> Blue
<fuchsia> Fuchsia
<gray> Grey
<green> Green
<lime> Lime
<maroon> Maroon
<navy> Navy
<olive> Olive
<purple> Purple
<red> Red
<silver> Silver
<teal> Teal
<white> White
<yellow> Yellow



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