Sharing Reports

- Sharing Reports

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By default, Workbooks reports are private to the user who created them.  To share a report with another User or User Group follow the steps below:

  • Open the report you want to share;
  • Click Edit this Report (in the column on the left-hand side);
  • Click Sharing Permissions (the padlock at the top of the report);
  • Click Add Rule. From the dropdown picklist choose the User/User Group with whom you want to share the report and use the checkboxes to control what that User/User Group can do.  REMEMBER: if you give another User permission to modify the report, it might not look the same the next time you open it!;
  • To add more Users/User Groups click Add Rule again;
  • To finish, click Save & Close.

NOTE:  If a User has permission to modify a report, they can add/remove columns, change calculations, edit the criteria, add new views and so on. If they do this, any changes they make are retained EVEN IF THEY DO NOT CLICK SAVE.