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Own Organisations

Introduction to Own Organisations

Own Organisation is an important concept in Workbooks.  An Own Organisation record is used to identify the relationships that exist between your Organisation and other records in Workbooks. Amongst other things it enables you to identify your employees, using the Employee-Employer relationship; and your customers, by using the Customer-Supplier relationship, as well as identifying prospects, suppliers, partners and competitors.


The decision on whether you require more than one Own Organisation will be made during your implementation design process.

If there is any doubt please consult with Workbooks Support or your Financial Manager.

Do you need to set up multiple Own Organisations?

For groups of companies, or where an Organisation has a domestic or foreign subsidiary, it is likely that multiple Own Organisations will be required.  Each Own Organisation will be attributed with their own home currency, tax regime, tax and company registrations. If each Own Organisation is set up with the same home currency, it will be easier to report across all of the Own Organisations, providing a consolidated view in a common currency, even though they may each trade in different currencies.

Own Organisations are assigned to transactions within Workbooks, including, for example, Customer Invoices, which will determine which currencies and sales tax codes are applicable. The Own Organisation will also determine which information will appear on printed documents, such as address and VAT number.

For statutory accounting and tax reasons, it is mandatory that all Invoices are attributed to a specific Own Organisation; this will be used in your accounting system. As a consequence of doing this, management/sales analysis reports will be available at both group and subsidiary levels. 

NOTE:  In order to create and use multiple Own Organisations you must have the Multi-Company Extension for all Users. In addition, all Own Organisations in the same database must also share the same Accounting Periods.

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