Displaying & Adding People

Displaying & Adding People


Always search the database before adding new records to avoid duplications.

Clicking on Start > People displays the People Landing Page.

By default, the People Landing Page gives you a choice of views:

  • My People – a subset of the All People view showing a list of those People records that are either assigned to you or that you are watching;
  • All People –  all the People records on your database;
  • Employees – all the People on your database that have been classified as employees of your Own Organisation.  

You can customise the appearance of this (and any other) Landing Page including grouping, filtering and saving views.  For more information on customising views click here.

To create an individual Person record, either:

Either option will bring up the new Person data form for completion.  When completing the form, remember the following:

  • The Name field is for the Person's full name.  Workbooks then auto-populates the First Name and Last Name fields based on this information, as well as the Salutation field;
  • The Assign to field will default to show --- Me --- (ie, you!) but if appropriate, you can reassign it to another Workbooks user using the dropdown picklist

If you want to link the Person to an Organisation as an employee, there must be a record for that Organisation on your database.  You can populate the Employer field by:

  • Starting to type its name in the Employer field, which will generate a list of possible Organisations to choose from;
  • Clicking on the binoculars to open a Search window.  If you find the right Organisation you can click on it, which will populate the Employer field.  If the Organisation doesn't exist you can click on New Organisation in the top left-hand corner of the Search dialogue window, which opens a new blank Organisation record for you to complete.  When you click Save & Close, the Organisation name will appear in the Employer field.

If you want to use the same address details for the Person as are on the database for the employer Organisation, simply click Copy details from employer.  This will populate the Street Address, Town or City, County/State, Postcode/Zipcode, Country, Telephone and Fax numbers with the data from the equivalent fields on the Organisation record.

When you've completed the form click Save & Close.  This record now forms part of your database and will appear in the My People and/or All People view (depending on whether or not you have chosen to Watch the record).