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Integrating Workbooks and Google Calendar

Workbooks can now be integrated with Google Calendar, which is a web and mobile-based time-management application. The integration is a one-way synchronisation that automatically brings Meetings from your Google Calendar to your Workbooks Database. Any subsequent changes to these items in Workbooks are mirrored in Google Calendar. 

This allows you and your Organisation to make use of Google Calendar's features, whilst storing everything centrally on your Workbooks Database, including the maintenance and creation of relevant links to associated People and Organisation records. The synchronisation is controlled by several automated processes that are installed via a Plugin. The processes use scripts to push and pull Meeting information from Google on a scheduled basis.

Using Google, you can create a Meeting and specify the people that you wish to attend. The invitations will be delivered once they have been created in Google Calendar. When this Google Meeting is synchronised to your Workbooks Database, the responses that you receive to these invitations are then synchronised back to Workbooks.

When a user synchronises their calendars:

  • All their meetings from the past 6 months, which are not marked as 'Private' within Google Calendar, are sent to Workbooks.
  • All responses to any meeting invitations are sent to Workbooks.

There are two main sections to the following documentation which will describe how to set up, and how to use the described integration.

  • The steps required to connect Workbooks and Google Calendar, and then manage the Calendars that Users have synchronised.
  • The process of synchronisation and de-synchronisation from a User's perspective.

Before you begin

There are several prerequisite pieces of infrastructure you must have in place:

  • You are using a version of Workbooks that includes the process engine.
  • Your organisation has a Google Apps for Work account set up.
  • Each Workbooks User that wants to use the Integration must have a Google Account that belongs to your organisation's Google Apps for Work account.
  • You must have the ability to install an App on your organisation's Google Apps for Work account if you are not an Admin User on it yourself.
  • You must have signed into your Workbooks Account using your Google Account.

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