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Report Templates


Templates are just a starting point - you can add new columns or criteria and summarise the data to suit your needs.

Below is a list of the Report Templates currently available on Workbooks.  Click on the screenshot to see a bigger image of the Report.

Template Name



Orders per Sales Exec, current and previous fiscal year

Orders for each Salesperson for the current and previous fiscal year.


Unassigned Leads

All leads which have not been assigned to a Workbooks user.


Sales Performance against Target

Sales performance showing revenue and gross margin targets, and committed revenue and gross margin.


Orders Per Month

Orders for each accounting period (usually a month) showing Net, Gross and Margin of all Orders.


Open P1 Cases not updated in the last 2 days

All open Cases which have not been updated in the last two days, which have a priority status of 1.


Open Deals: Pipeline by Stage

Summary of open Opportunities, summarised by Opportunity Stage. 


New Business Opportunity Win Metrics

The number of new Opportunities won, detailing success rate as a percentage and the average size of the deal. 


Leads with no assigned Activities 

Open Leads which do not have any Activities associated with them. 


Leads not updated in two weeks 

Open Leads which have not been updated within the last two weeks. 


Cost of Leads by Campaign 

Calculated cost of individual Leads for each Campaign. 


Cases by Type 

Cases summarised by complaint/query type. 


Campaign ROI 

Calculation of return on investment for each marketing campaign. 


Billings totals this month, split by product category 

Total billings this month for each product category.


Email List 

All People on your database with email addresses.


Activities summarised by contact's name and Activity type 

All Activities, summarised by the contact's name and the Activity type.



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