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Introduction to the Administrator Service

The Workbooks Administrator Service extends our standard support offering, included as part of the Workbooks


Book yourself onto the 'Workbooks System Administrator' Training Course, designed to teach you all the elements you need to know in order to set up and maintain your Workbooks system.

application subscription, enabling customers to use the Workbooks support team to carry out system administration tasks, which are not be covered by the standard support service.

Admin Credits are designed to be part of your on-going annual contract with us, enabling you to use our support teams throughout the year for work with falls outside the scope of standard support. For example, you should purchase these if you would like us to build reports for you every year, or have a script that needs continual maintenance or updating. This is different to Workbooks Advisory service, would should be bought for work that is a one-off. Please contact support for more information as to what you should be buying.

Admin Credits


Admin Credits


4 admin credits (2 hours)


8 admin credits (0.5 days)


16 admin credits (1 day)


32 admin credits (2 days)


48 admin credits (3 days)


64 admin credits (4 days)


80 admin credits (5 days)