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Workbooks Administration Service


Book yourself onto the 'Workbooks System Administrator' Training Course, designed to teach you all the elements you need to know in order to set up and maintain your Workbooks system.

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Introduction to the Administrator Service

Once you’re live and you’re enjoying the benefits of your Workbooks CRM system, you may find that you would like to make further changes to the system, such as creating a new set of reports, or implementing a process button to automate a manual task.

Workbooks has been designed to be easy to customise, and with basic training many customers can carry out this kind of work themselves. However, if you feel that you will need additional support or assistance, the Workbooks Administrator Service allows customers to use the Workbooks support team to carry out system administration tasks which are not covered by the standard support offering. (The standard support offering is included as part of your Workbooks subscription.)

Whether you feel that the changes you’d like to make are too challenging or time-consuming for you to carry out internally, we offer the support and technical expertise to help you get the most of your Workbooks CRM system.

We offer the following CRM administration tasks, and more:

  • Importing Data
  • Adding Custom Fields
  • Writing Reports
  • Updating/Amending Templates
  • Remote Training

Here's how it works...

In each of these cases, the Workbooks application has been designed to enable customers to perform these CRM administration tasks themselves. However by subscribing to the service, our support team will carry out those administration tasks for you, in exchange for Service Administration Credits.

Whether you find the task too complex, or you simply just don't have the time to complete it yourself, our support team would be more than happy to carry out such tasks for you. Our team does the necessary configuration or administrative work required and your business benefits directly as a result.

The number of credits required to complete each task will vary depending on the complexity and detailed requirements of that specific issue, but we will provide a quote for each service request based on your individual requirements.

Workbooks customers can raise a request a piece of work by visiting the Knowledge Base and filling out the request form.

Admin Credits

Admin Credits Price
4 admin credits (2 hours) £300
8 admin credits (0.5 days) £500
16 admin credits (1 day) £850
32 admin credits (2 days) £1,700
48 admin credits (3 days) £2,550
64 admin credits (4 days) £3,400
80 admin credits (5 days) £4,250


Using Credits

Below is a guideline to the amount of credits that may be required for common tasks:

Requirements Credits Required (Example)
Add a custom field 1 credit
Add several custom fields 2 credits
Write a report 2 - 3 credits or more depending on scope
Update an existing PDF template 2 - 4 credits depending on scope
Produce a new PDF template 8 - 16 credits depending on complexity
Data import 10 - 20 credits or more depending on complexity

If you are interested in purchasing Admin Credits or simply want to find out more about the Workbooks Administrator Service then contact the Workbooks Support Team: or call us on 0118 3030 101.