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Available Triggers and Actions


This is the change that occurs in Workbooks which prompts an Action to be made in another app. The information about the new/changed record is sent to be Zapier to be used in the Action.

  • New Person
  • New Organisation
  • New Sales Lead
  • New Case
  • Posted Invoice
  • Posted Credit Note


This is the change that will take place in Workbooks when a Trigger has taken place in another app, using information sent through Zapier from that Trigger.

  • Create Person
  • Create Organisation
  • Create Sales Lead
  • Create Case
  • Create Task


These can be used in multi-step Zaps (this requires a paid Zapier account). If a record is not found using the information provided, you can set it to create a new record for you. You can then use the information from the found/ new record to fill in information in your Action, for example, finding the Person to set as the Primary Contact in your Create Task Action.

  • Find a Person
  • Find an Organisation
  • Find a Sales Lead