Printing & Sending Transaction Documents

Printing & Sending Transaction Documents

Transaction Documents can be printed irrespective of whether they are in a DRAFT or a POSTED state. Printing whilst in a DRAFT state can be useful when checking the content or as part of an approval process. Transaction Documents can be printed and mailed or can be sent via email (as a PDF attachment) from within Workbooks. The email will be stored in the Related Items tab of the Transaction Document.

Click Generate PDF to see a PDF version of your document. If your database has been set up with more than one possible PDF template you'll be given a choice of which one to generate. You can print the resulting PDF or choose to save a copy on your network.

Clicking Send Email generates a menu allowing you generate an email that has a copy of the PDF document attached to it automatically. This is the first option shown in the screenshot below, ie, Attaching "Quote_Document". The resulting email will be blank but will have a copy of the PDF attached to it.

NOTEOnce the blank email has been generated you can then apply a template by clicking Apply Template and choosing the appropriate template option.

Alternatively, you can choose any of the other options you see (and these options will depend on how many - if any - templates have been created for the type of transaction record you're working on), which will open an email but the PDF document will not be attached.