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Displaying & Adding Campaigns

Displaying Campaigns

Clicking on Start > Marketing > Campaigns displays the Campaigns Landing Page.

The Campaigns Landing Page displays a choice of views:

  • My Active Campaigns - a subset of the All Active Campaigns view showing a list of those Campaigns that have been assigned to you.
  • All Active Campaigns - a list of all the active Campaigns on your database.
  • All Campaigns - a list of all the Campaigns on your database, including any that are closed.


Apply a filter within the Campaign Members tab so you can see all those people who still need to be followed up.

To open any of the records displayed in the views above, hover over the row until it becomes underlined then click on it once.

Adding Campaigns

When creating a new Campaign you should:

Once the Campaign has been created you can:

Basic Information

To create a new Campaign either:

  • Click Start > Marketing > Campaigns > New Campaign; or:
  • Click Start > New > Campaign.

Either option will generate a new Campaign data form for completion.

Use the Name field to enter the name that you'll use for the Campaign internally. Every Campaign that you create within Workbooks must have a unique name. When you send a Mailshot to the Campaign members they can access a subscription management screen which shows the Public Name of the Campaign so be sure to use a name that will make sense to the recipients.  If you leave the Public Name field blank, recipients will see whatever you've entered in the Name field.

Complete the other fields as appropriate.

NOTE: Make sure the status is set to Active if you want users to allocate Leads or Opportunities to the Campaign.

Notice that there is a reveal for Members Email Summary.  To begin with all these fields will show zero as you haven't yet added any Members but when you have, these fields will be updated to show how many members have a valid email address, how many have opted out of email (i.e., People / Leads / Organisations with a check in the box next to Email opt out on their record) and how many are eligible for email.  If you send a Mailshot to the members and as a result Members unsubscribe from this Campaign, the figure in the Unsubscribed field will increase.

Once you've set up your Campaign, work through the following:

Define any statuses you want to apply

You can track the level of interest that Campaign Members have in a specific Campaign by allocating them with a status.  To define the statuses available for each Campaign, open the Member Status tab and check that the statuses you want for this Campaign exist. Click on Add Status to add any new ones.

Add Members

Within the Members tab, click Add to build your list of Campaign Members. You can:

  • Add People - search for the Person you want to add, tick the box next to their name and click Add.
  • Add Organisations - search for the Organisation you want to add, tick the box next to its name and click Add.
  • Add Leads - search for the Lead you want to add, tick the box next to its name and click Add.
  • Add recipients selected from a Report - use the dropdown picklist to select the appropriate Report.  (Only reports based on People, Organisations and Leads will be shown in the picklist.)  You also need to select the column from the report to identify the recipients - typically this will be the Person, Organisation or Lead name.  
    • NOTE: When creating a report to be used to create campaign members, the only column of data you need in your report is the one for the name of either the person, the organisation or the lead. When you use the report to create the members of your campaign Workbooks will automatically pull through all the relevant details about their employer, who the record is assigned to, the address details and so on. The email address used will always be the main email address for the Person or Lead.
  • Add recipients from a Mailing List - you can use an existing Mailing List to populate a new list by using the dropdown picklist.  If you want the new Mailing  List to 'inherit' the subscription status of each recipient from the original list leave the checkbox next to Copy subscription status checked.
  • Add recipients from a Marketing Campaign - use the dropdown picklist to select the appropriate Campaign.  

In addition, you can copy members from a Mailshot by opening that Mailshot, selecting the Recipients tab and selecting Bulk Actions > Add to Campaign.

In each case, you have to attribute a status to the Campaign Member.  If you're adding Members in bulk you have to apply the same status to all the Members being added.

If you try to add a record to a Campaign and that Person, Organisation or Lead is already a member of that Campaign, Workbooks will not add them twice. This means, for example, that if you've added members using a report, you can select the same report again and only any new records on that report will be added to the Campaign.

NOTE: It is also possible to add members from Landing Pages using Bulk Actions. To do this, open the relevant Landing Page and apply one or more Filters to shows those People/Organisations/Sales Leads you want to add to your Marketing Campaign. Then click Bulk Actions > Add to Campaign. You can then specify which Marketing Campaign you wish to add these Records to and their associated Member Status. If you have the Auditing Module activated for the User carrying out the Bulk Action then each addition of a Member will create an Audit Record.

Create Mailshot

To send a Mailshot to all the eligible Members (ie, all those with email addresses who haven't unsubscribed or opted out of email) open the Mailshots tab and click New Mailshot.  This opens a Wizard to guide you through creating your Mailshot.  Click here for information on how to create a Mailshot.

Multiple Mailshots can be sent from one Campaign so that you can create a series of communications with your target market.  You can see a list of these within the Mailshots tab on the Campaign.

Follow Up the Campaign Members

The list of Campaign Members provides a ready-made calling list for you to work through.  You can record any Meeting, Phone Call or To-do Activities using the appropriate icon at the end of the row for each Member.  Similarly, you can use the Email icon to send the individual an email.

Notice that when creating an Activity using these icons for a Person or a Lead, the Activity includes an extra field under the Primary Contact details called Campaign Status.  This enables you to update the Person or Lead's status in respect of the Campaign directly from the Activity.

Any Activities created in this way will appear in both the Activity tab on the Campaign and in the Activities Landing Page for whomever the Activity has been assigned to, as well as on the Activity tab for the relevant Person or Lead.

Remember, you can apply a filter to the Members so you can easily identify those who have not yet been contacted.

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