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Creating a Report from a Template

Once you've clicked on From a template report, you'll see a list of templates already loaded into Workbooks for you. For example, select Orders per Sales Exec, current and previous fiscal year.


Explore the templates provided to see if any can be adapted to suit your needs.

Click on Refresh preview each time you add a column, criteria or summarise your data.

This enables you to check your report is building correctly and 'sense-check' that it's displaying the results in the way you require.

The Reporting edit window appears. You should give you report a name and description. You can open the Details tab to see what's been included for you and check the Criteria tab to ensure that the template is focused on the records you want to see. 

Similarly, check the Summary View(s) to check what summaries are in place and that they meet your needs. You may need to refine any existing summaries and/or add new ones.

For more information on building reports, click here.

To see the templates currently available on Workbooks click here.

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