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Installation Guide

Upgrading from a previous version

When using an older version of the Outlook Connector, you will receive the below notification when you run a sync. This means you should install the latest version by downloading it from our 'Download/update the Outlook Connector' page.

WOC upgrade error.png

The Workbooks Outlook Connector allows the user to simply upgrade without having to uninstall previous versions first. To do this, simply run the installer as detailed below and if an installation of the Connector is detected you will be prompted with the following message:

Outlook Connector

If no installation is present, the installation will carry on as detailed below. Apart from the screenshot above, the installation process is the same as installing the Workbooks Outlook Connector on a new machine.

First time installation

The short video below runs through how to install the Outlook Connector.

Alternatively, please follow these written steps below to install the Outlook Connector.


Please be aware that anti-virus scanners might prohibit the download of the Connector files.

In this situation, you may need to temporarily disable your security system to allow the download but of course, remember to activate it again.

Step 1: Running the installer

Using the download link on the System Requirements & Download page, obtain a copy of the Workbooks Outlook Connector suitable for your environment. The version you require depends on whether your Outlook installation is 32 or 64 bit. Your internal IT team will be able to provide detail around which version you should download.

Depending on your browser settings, the download might be stored in a different location to this guide. For the purposes of this example, the browser has stored this in the Downloads Folder. Double-click on this to start the installation. Again, dependent on your Windows settings, you could be presented with a run or cancel dialog box, click run to begin the installation if required.

Outlook connector

Step 2: The Installation Wizard

This is the first screen of the installation wizard that you will see. Simply click Next to continue.


The next screen will allow you to install the Workbooks Outlook Connector for all users that use a particular machine or only for the currently logged in user. If a machine is only used by one person, you should select the second option here then click Next.

Install Shield

NOTE: Bear in mind that if this environment changes at any point then you will be required to uninstall and re-install the Connector to change to an installation where the software can be used for all users.

The next screen will then allow you to choose where you would like to install the Workbooks Outlook Connector. The default is shown below and unless you do not have permission on your machine to install software to this folder then you can simply leave this as the default. Click Next once you are happy with the installation location.

Install Shield Wizard

On the screenshot, shown below, you should simply click Install. This will require system administration rights within Windows to continue. If your Windows account does not have such privileges then you will be asked to either provide a password for someone that does or you will need to login as them and restart the installation wizard.

If successful, you will see one final screen; click Finish to complete the installation.

Uninstalling the Workbooks Outlook Connector

The Workbooks Outlook Connector can be uninstalled in the same way as any other Windows application. From the control panel, you will see an entry for the Workbooks Outlook Connector and sometimes an entry can be seen for Workbooks Outlook Connector Profile. When uninstalling, both entries should be removed.



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