Introduction to People & Organisations

Introduction to People & Organisations


You can download a person record or a meeting into email clients by clicking on the Download button - this saves a vCard or iCal, respectively, to be put into Outlook or other email clients.


At the core of Workbooks functionality are its contact management tools.  The functionality within the People and Organisation records allows for an holistic view of your business contacts, enabling you to view and keep track of all the interactions you (and your colleagues) have with other People and Organisations.

Workbooks uses a concept of Relationships to allow you to describe the relationships People and Organisations have with other People and Organisations within Workbooks. For example, a common relationship is to make a Person an employee of an Organisation.

 Using a Person record, for instance, you can:

  • Record contact data for them;
  • Create Activities to manage your contact with them, and view all historic activities;
  • Record Notes and attach files;
  • Record all Cases raised by the Person;
  • Document the relationship they have with you and your Organisation;
  • Document the relationships they have with other People and Organisations on your database;
  • View information pertaining to that record under the Summary tab.