Subscription Style

Subscription Style


 Click Reset to default style to remove any changes you've made.

When communicating with your prospects and customers using Mail Shots the email that they receive includes an unsubscribe option.  You can see the wording that recipients see by clicking Start Configuration> Email & Integration > Subscription Style.

The message is displayed as a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).  If you're familiar with CSS and want to edit the layout of the message, you can click Edit Style.  To preview any changes, click Save & Preview.  You can revert to the original style by clicking Reset to default style.

NOTEBy default the Workbooks logo will be included on your subscription management page.  If you'd like to replace this with your own logo, visit the Upload Library, open the Company Logos category and click the one called workbooks_email_subscription_logo.png.  Click Edit.  You can choose a different file to upload.  When you Save & Close the dialogue box this logo will be used on your subscription management page.