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Introduction to Workbooks


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Welcome to the Knowledge Base.  In this area, you'll find information on how best to use and configure the Workbooks applications to meet your goals.

If you are the Workbooks System Administrator and are looking for information on how to configure your Workbooks account then you should read the information in the Configuration area of the Knowledge Base.

If you are a Workbooks user and want to find out more about the product, then the Knowledge Base should provide you with the answers.  You can either navigate the menus in this section, click on a tag or search the entire community site for an answer to your question.  If you can't find the answer you're looking for, ask the question in the forum section of the site.

What is Workbooks?

Workbooks is a suite of web-based applications designed for small and mid-size businesses.  At its heart is a database of records which allows you to store and report upon your key business information.  Our customers typically use Workbooks for:

Contact Management    

Allowing you to track the Organisations and People you deal with and record Activities, Notes and Email against the right records providing a complete view of your interactions.

Workbooks allows you to manage Suppliers and Partners alongside Customers, Prospects and even Competitors giving you a clearer picture of your ecosystem.

Sales Force Automation

Sales teams benefits from having easy to use, but effective sales management tools, including:

  • Opportunity management enabling them to adopt sales best practice and a consistent sales cycle
  • Forecasting and Reporting tools
  • Quotations for producing professional quotations based on a Product Book which supports Pricing Schemes.

Marketing Automation

Marketers are able to leverage powerful tools to execute Marketing Campaigns including:

  • Reporting tools to segment data for effective targeting
  • Web2Lead to capture leads automatically from your website
  • Lead management and tracking to distribute leads to the sales teams
  • Integration with Google Adwords & Analytics
  • Integration with email marketing tools such as MailChimp, dotMailer and Constant Contact
  • Email & Email Templates
  • Campaign Management to track results and measure marketing ROI.

Customer Support

The Workbooks Case Management system allows you to integrate your support teams with the rest of the business.

Using Cases support teams can log trouble tickets, assign cases to Queues and Users, set priorities and track the progress of a case.  

Order Fulfilment

Using Workbooks Transaction Documents you can create and track your entire sales order and fulfilment process. 

Workbooks allows you to create Orders, Invoices, Credit Notes and Supplier Orders quickly and easily in PDF format.

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