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Introduction to Forecasts & Quotas


Workbooks enables you to create real-time sales Forecasts. Forecasts show Opportunities in your sales cycle that are committed to close and those that are 'best case' Opportunities, allowing you to see the latest status of your business.

These Forecasts can be created individually for each sales executive and then be rolled-up into Forecasts for sales management. They include both revenue and gross margin information. Forecasts display sales progress against sales targets. Within Workbooks sales targets are known as Quotas.

A sales Quota must have been set up for a given Accounting Period before a Forecast can be created.

Displaying Forecasts & Quotas


Forecasts where the Quota has been reached or exceeded are coloured green.

Forecasts where the Quota has not yet been reached are coloured red.

Clicking on Start > Sales > Forecasts displays the Forecasts Landing Page.

The Forecasts Landing Page displays a choice of views:

  • My Sales Quotas - a subset of the All Sales Quotas view showing a list of all the sales Quotas created for you.
  • All Sales Quotas - a list of all the sales Quotas on your database.
  • My Forecasts - a subset of the All Forecasts view showing a list of all your current Forecasts.
  • Active Forecasts - a list of all the current Forecasts on your database.
  • Expired Forecasts - a list of all the Forecasts on your database for expired time periods.

You can customise the appearance of this (and any other) Landing Page including grouping, filtering and saving views.  For more information on customising views click here.

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